Our Pledge

The following pledge is for all faculty, employees, and students and is recited ever day after the Pledge of Allegiance. Elementary school students recite the lines in bold type, middle school students memorize and recite the whole pledge. We encourage each parent, guardian, or sponsor who agrees to mentor the student to stay faithful and encourage the tenets of the pledge, applying it to the student’s life and their own life as well.

I pledge to keep myself healthy in body, mind, and spirit,
staying physically fit,
mentally awake,
and morally straight.

I pledge to be truthful in all my works,
guarding against the stains of falsehood from
the fascination with experts,
the temptation of vanity,
the comfort of popular opinion and custom,
the ease of equivocation and compromise, and
from over-reliance on rational argument.

I pledge to be virtuous in all my deeds,
with the courage to exemplify
faith in my beliefs,
hope for a better future, and
charity towards my neighbor –
with prudence in new undertakings,
with justice when called on to judge,
with fortitude in the face of adversity, and
with temperance toward temptation.

I pledge to be obedient and loyal to those in authority,
in my family,
in my school, and
in my community and country,

So long as I shall live.