Classical Charter Schools of America is a private non-profit corporation that holds charters for schools in North Carolina that are located in Leland, Whiteville, Southport, and Wilmington. 

Curriculum: In addition to a traditional curriculum of reading, math, history, and science, we feature a robust, curated classical curriculum with grammatical instruction beginning in Kindergarten, then adding cursive handwriting in first grade, and leveled literature studies from first through eighth. Latin is taught to all students beginning in fourth grade.

Choice: We believe in freedom of choice for public education and serve all students regardless of income or academic ability. Our schools strive to increase the effectiveness of everyone – students, parents, teachers, and staff – by using modern technology and verified scientific educational research to their fullest extent. Learn more about our curriculum here.

On-Line Option: We also offer an online blended learning option for the 2021-2022 school year that will follow the same classical curriculum as our on-campus instruction.  Blended learning will take place synchronously face-to-face online, with select days that students must attend on campus for state and national testing as well as to participate in various optional events on campus. Your student will be provided the hardware and software needed for blended learning, however families are required to provide sufficient internet access daily. 

Since 2000: Our family of schools began in 2000 and consists of two of the top elementary schools in Brunswick county, the school with the highest academic growth in Columbus County, twenty-one-time National Champion cheer squad, eight-time State Champion archery program, and NC Department of Labor OSHA Awarded campuses for safety. More information about each specific location can be found below. 

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Classical Charter Schools of Leland, Grades K-8
formerly Charter Day School

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Scored 15.4 Percentage points higher than Brunswick county on End-of-Grade Tests

80 wooded acres, 12 minutes west of Wilmington off HWY 74-76
Tour the school.

Classical Charter Schools of Whiteville, Grades K-8
formerly Columbus Charter School

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Scored 9.3 Percentage points higher than Columbus county and 10.8 Percentage points higher than Bladen county on End-of-Grade tests

On 150 acre campus, 10 minutes north of Whiteville off Old Lumberton Road

Classical Charter Schools of Wilmington, Grades K-5
formerly Douglass Academy, K-5 Wilmington, NC

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Averaged 9.14 Percentage points higher than neighboring schools on End-of-Grade tests

The historic Peabody building in the heart of downtown Wilmington

Classical Charter Schools of Southport, Grades K-6 adding 7 and 8
formerly South Brunswick Charter

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Scored 21.5 Percentage points higher than Brunswick county on End-of-Grade tests

45 acres, 1 mile south of H211, halfway between Shallotte and Southport