Curriculum Subjects

Our unique classical curriculum embraces a wide range of subjects not normally found in district public schools such as: Traditional Family Values, Cursive Handwriting, Latin, Classical Literature, Chronological Western History, Sportsmanship in Athletics, 
and up to 5 credits toward high school graduation, and many others.

The Goal of a Classical Education

Classical Education creates independent learners discerning Truth, Goodness, and Beauty so that civilization can flourish.

The Means for Achieving the Goal

Classical Education is organized in three overlapping phases called the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

1. Grammar: the student inputs basic facts such as numbers, letters, dates, places.
2. Logic: the student learns rules how the basic facts interrelate and are processed to convey knowledge.
3. Rhetoric: the student learns how to output their ideas and present them so that they appeal to others.

The Grade Sequence

Grades K-2 focus is on Grammar with beginning Logic.
Grades 3-5 retain Grammar but is primarily Logic with beginning Rhetoric.
Grades 6-8 focus is on Logic and on Rhetoric.

Learning Environment

We provide structured, orderly classrooms in which instructional time is maximized, and disruptions are held to a spare minimum.

  • Each classroom has a clear set of rules and expectations for acceptable conduct.
  • The student character-development program is based on setting incentive rewards for good behavior and reinforcing these behaviors on a ratio of 4:1 positive-to-negative interactions.
  • Children requiring additional help receive individualized behavioral programs tailored to meet their specific needs.

Direct Instruction

Direct Instruction is a research-based instructional approach emphasizing the use of intensive, small group instruction by teachers and aides, using carefully designed lessons in which cognitive skills are broken down into small units. A hallmark of the Direct Instruction methodology is exciting dynamic teacher-student interaction. The teacher introduces and models new information. Students show understanding through choral and individual responses, and then receive immediate teacher feedback, correction and re-instruction. As a result, students are fully engaged, involved in demonstrating their skills, and become productive independent learners.

Highest Quality Teachers

Teachers are selected on the basis of high academic achievement and, importantly, for outstanding personal qualities which embody the high ideals of the School. They are a richly-talented group of individuals who serve as excellent role models for our students. At Academy schools they receive extensive training in Direct Instruction and continuous, on-going support for professional growth and development.

High Expectations

We ask the children to rise to a high level of achievement. Our expectations require much hard work, focus, and a sustained effort, but with the proper encouragement and support, all of our students can realize their potential and can become successful life-long learners. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality educational experience in a safe, clean, spirited, and morally strong environment.


Classical Charter Schools of America is a network of four schools conveniently located in southeastern North Carolina serving a combined enrollment of over 2,500 students.  The non-profit network is controlled by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees who sets the policies and oversees the daily management of the schools. We have schools in Leland, Southport, Whiteville, and Wilmington.  We invite you to visit a school or take a video tour of the campus nearest you to discover how your children can benefit from this unique, innovative opportunity.


Classical Charter Schools of America are managed by The Roger Bacon Academy, an educational management company that has managed successful charter schools in Southeast North Carolina for over a quarter of a century. At The Roger Bacon Academy, we believe in freedom of choice when it comes to public education. RBA operates tuition-free public schools of choice that serve all students regardless of income or academic ability. Our schools strive to increase the effectiveness of everyone – students, parents, teachers, and staff – by using modern technology and verified scientific educational research to the fullest extent in bringing the advantages of a classical curriculum rooted in traditional family values to its students.

 Noteworthy Accolades

2000 Charter awarded by State Board of Education (SBE)
2003 School of Distinction with High Growth by Dept. of Pubic Instruction (DPI)
2005 Honor School of Excellence by DPI
2005 Top 25 of 1,800 NC K-8 schools by SBE
2009 Highest Scores in Brunswick and Columbus Counties by DPI
2009 Pope Award for “Advancement of Freedom” to Founder Baker Mitchell
2011 Archery Team wins first of nine straight state championships by NASP.
2011 Pop Warner National Championship by Junior Pee Wee Cheer Squad
2012 CCS-Whiteville and CCS-Leland are highest scoring schools in their counties.
2013 Two Pop Warner Cheer Squads win National Championships
2013 CCS-Whiteville and CCS-Leland are highest scoring schools in their counties.
2016 The Becker Excellent School Award from the National Institute For Direct Instruction.
2016 David Johnson wins the year’s “Distinguished Service” Award by NC Science Teacher Assn.
2019 CCS-America awarded as a Gap Buster network by Stanford University
2023 CCS-Leland scores as Top 20 School nationwide for Classical Learning Test 8




“Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one’s levels of aspiration and expectation.”
Jack Nicklaus

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