Our Mission

Our understandings of humankind and our universe are expressed and communicated through all of our arts and sciences.  Each method of expression – language, painting, music, mathematics, and science – has its rules and techniques for effectively communicating these ideas and understandings.

These rules and techniques are the bridges over which ideas must be communicated from one generation to the next.

Thus, the mission of The Roger Bacon Academy is, for the next generation,

•           to teach the rules and techniques for effective expression and communication in the arts and sciences,

•           to communicate, by these arts and sciences, our understandings of the universe and our role in it, and

•           to instill a love of learning and discovery, justifying a life-long dedication to health, truth, and virtue.

Therefore to accomplish this mission, our curriculum is structured to teach the established rules and to develop the skills for using the tools for expression – whether a word-processor for literature, a paint brush for art, a chisel for sculpture, or an experiment for science.

By accomplishing our mission, our students will truly be prepared to become globally competitive citizens in any endeavor they choose to undertake.

Freedom of Choice

The Roger Bacon Academy operates tuition-free public schools of choice that serve all students regardless of income or academic ability.


The first priority of every school must be to ensure that the children and staff are in a safe environment. Safety is a shared responsibility. The buildings and grounds must meet regulatory standards, and the adults and children must observe safe practices in their conduct and set examples for all to follow.


We endeavor to inculcate the four classical virtues of prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance and the three attributes of faith, hope, and charity. Each person associated with an Academy – student, faculty, and staff – is accountable for ensuring that his or her actions exemplify, and are in accord with these virtues.

Through the guidance and direction of the adults at each school, the children develop those character-building skills —self-motivation, self-discipline, respect, obedience, self-reliance, and trustworthiness — necessary for growing into valued citizens and leaders in their communities.


Our research-based Direct Instruction curriculum begins with reading by phonics and writing with attention to penmanship, spelling, grammar, and style. Mathematics, science, music, and art also receive emphasis in the basics with examples and techniques from time-honored classical sources. The children gain a solid base of knowledge well-grounded in the intellectual, aesthetic, and moral traditions of western civilization.

The Academy’s schools unite and balance all subjects — whether language, mathematics, art, music, history, or science — by teaching each as a method for expressing and communicating ideas using standard rules and classical examples for study in each area.