Our Heroes

Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11th to honor and appreciate all who have served in the United States military.

At Classical Charter Schools of America and The Roger Bacon Academy, we are honored to have 15 Veterans on our staff. Not only have they bravely answered the call to duty and defended our liberty, but they have continued to dedicate their lives to others by serving as educators.

To our courageous Veterans, we are infinitely grateful for your service and sacrifice. Thank you for your valor, for protecting us, for defending our rights, and now, for your dedication to our students.

CCS-America Veterans

History of Veterans Day



A Classical Custom, Cursive 

At The Roger Bacon Academy family of charter schools, we begin teaching cursive in first grade. Students learn a letter a day and carefully practice creating their cursive letters with a slant. Cursive instruction continues into the second and third grades where students build their cursive practice by connecting letters into words and writing sentences. In fourth grade, all work must be completed in cursive, except math. Students are expected to use a slant and neatly write; while teachers are expected to take off points for messy handwriting, uncrossed t’s, and undotted i’s.

Cursive is part of The Roger Bacon Academy’s curriculum for many reasons. Research proves that learning cursive develops better readers and increases memory by connecting letters in words. All of America’s founding documents, such as the Declaration of Independence, are written in cursive. If one cannot read cursive, one is condemned to rely on a translation.

Cursive has become a lost art in most other schools, but it is found in our schools each day.

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Cursive Research 

Founding Documents


Alumni Spotlight

Meet alumna Shelby Mathis! Ms. Mathis graduated from Classical Charter Schools of Leland in 2012 and is working as a Chiropractic Assistant before going to graduate school for Athletic Training. Learn more about Ms. Mathis here