Happy Mother’s Day!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to recognize the wonderful Mother and Daughter/Son duos who work together every day at Classical Charter Schools of America. Mrs. Sherwood and Mrs. Reid at CCS-Leland Mrs. Thompson and Mr. Thompson at RBA and CCS-Leland Mrs. Kilpatrick and Mrs. Weaver at CCS-Southport Mrs. Walters and Mrs. Mash at CCS-Whiteville We hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend! Thank you, moms and parent figures for your continuous support for our students here at CCS-America!





Foundations of Poetry with the Founder

Baker Mitchell, the Founder and CEO of The Roger Bacon Academy, has stepped back into the classroom after twenty years to teach the art of writing poetry to Mrs. Jones’ fourth-grade English class at CCS-Leland. Learning to write poetry allows students to understand the meaning behind a poet’s words and meter, or rhythmic structure. Students are taught to write poetry using proper meter and rhyme, a lost skill not taught in many of today’s classrooms. Students are taught that “we write poetry because it is a challenge and is fun.”  Students have thoroughly enjoyed having Mr. Mitchell as their poetry teacher. He teaches for twenty minutes each Tuesday and Thursday at the end of English class. The students have learned everything from how to count syllables to the difference between the various metric forms. Here is an example of a student’s iambic couplet after reading Robert Frost’s, Stopping by Woods: Can I, at least, have something good To bring into this scary wood? Click on the links below to read some of the poetry written by Mr. Mitchell, also read by CCS-America students in sixth-grade history.

Leonardo Da Vinci: “Knowing How to See” Roger Bacon: Bringing Peace to the Mind **************




What Was the American State Named for Charles I, King of England from 1625 to 1649?

North Carolina. This question was among one of the nearly 1,400 questions that students potentially could have been asked at our 6th Annual History Bowl!  On Friday, April 29th, teams of students in grades 5-8 came from each CCS district school to compete in the final History Bowl Competition. These students have competed in two mock bowls and studied countless hours in preparation for this event. With this level of commitment and dedication, each team undoubtedly brought out their best effort and it resulted in a fierce competition. We even had two grade levels tie and advance to a Sudden-Death round! We are so impressed by the wealth of historical knowledge, sportsmanship, and professional attire students displayed during the event.  If your student is interested in a higher level of competition and has a sincere interest in history, consider joining our History Bowl Team for the 22-23 school year!

Click to see our CCS-America History Bowl Champions!




EOG Tips & Tricks

The end-of-grade (EOG) testing period begins a week from today for grades at CCS-America’s four campuses. In order for students to do their best, consider the following: Set aside a quiet place and time for your child to complete and review homework. Ask your student to teach you what they learned in school. Have your student go to bed early and reduce late night activities. Help your student review any classwork or study review materials. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals, especially for breakfast. Manage stress and anxiety by giving your child the opportunity to talk about expectations, fears, and hopes. Start the testing day in a calm manner. Remind your student to take the test seriously and to listen carefully to all instructions. If your student feels anxious during tests, remind them to take a few deep breaths to ease nerves and to take advantage of the test breaks. When the test is done, your student should feel good about a job well done! Help them celebrate, and encourage them to enjoy their favorite activities.

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