It’s FASTAR Championship Week! 

CCS-America students competing in the annual FASTAR® (Fluent Academic Skills Tournament in Arithmetic and Reading) competition will race to the finish line this week, with the Race of Champions scheduled for next Wednesday, April 24th. CCS-Whiteville and CCS-Wilmington checkered-flag champions have completed their preliminaries after two exciting race days filled with close competition!

CCS-Leland will race today, April 17th, and CCS-Southport will race tomorrow, April 18th. All schools will then meet at The Race of Champions on April 24th, where the school with the most speed and accuracy will take home the final trophy!

Congratulations to CCS-Whiteville and CCS-Wilmington FASTAR® racers, pit crew members, and champions! Thank you to everyone for practicing with their student and for cheering the racers on!

CCS-Whiteville Pictures

CCS-Wilmington Pictures

RBA Cheer Excels at US Finals; Consider Joining! 

The RBA Athletics’ cheerleaders won several top prizes in the US Finals last weekend in Myrtle Beach. The US Finals is one of the largest competitions in the country, and RBA students came out strong with three National Titles and two Grand Champions for levels 1 and 2. Congratulations to all athletes and coaches on amazing performances!

RBA Athletics has been a reliable source of cheerleading excellence in the community for more than two decades and offers year-long competitive cheerleading to students at all four CCS-America campuses. Founded by Daryl and Jeane LaFave in 2004, the program started as a member of Coastal Pop Warner and quickly grew into a powerful force in recreational cheer. The program’s cornerstone values of discipline, teamwork, and integrity have been developed over time through the founders’ own experience in the sport. These values are instilled in every athlete who joins RBA Athletics, creating not just a team, but a family that works hard, supports each other, and extends beyond the gym.

The program’s impact on the community is evident in the many athletes who have returned to coach or bring their children to the program. While the program has earned many awards and accolades over the years, its greatest success is undoubtedly the lasting relationships it has helped nurture and build.

Join RBA Athletics today, and become part of a family that values excellence, hard work, and community.


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Science Olympiad Team Competes at State Tournament

This past weekend, CCS-Leland’s Science Olympiad team competed in the State Tournament at NC State University in Raleigh. The CCS-Leland students competed in the events for which they qualified at the regional competition last month. Thank you to the Science Olympiad team’s coaches. And congratulations to CCS-Leland competitors for placing in several events!

🏅 4th place – Towers

🏅 5th place – Air Trajectory

🏅 7th place – Microbe Mission

🏅 10th place – Wind Power

Science Olympiad is offered to all CCS-America Middle School students. Be sure to sign up for the elective to compete in next year’s events!