Attendance is  🔑

School attendance is the key to success and academic achievement. For students to consistently learn and grow, Classical Charter Schools of America takes student attendance very seriously.

In compliance with the North Carolina Compulsory Attendance Law, all absences require parental documentation explaining the reason for the absence. Ten or more unexcused absences may result in a meeting with school administrators. After 25 excused or unexcused absences, a student may be sent back to the public school system. This is not a suspension and disciplinary actions are not utilized.

School attendance is about actively engaging in the learning process, building character, and laying the foundation for future success. Parents, teachers, and students play a crucial role in recognizing the importance of school attendance and working together to ensure a positive learning environment for all.

Attendance details are found on pages 18-19 in the CCS-America Handbook

North Carolina General Statute: attendance

North Carolina General Statute: discipline policies

Let’s Go RBA! 

Congratulations to all four of The Roger Bacon Academy cheer teams for placing in the top five of their divisions at The Quest National Championship, held from March 6-8 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Disney World in Orlando, FL.

The RBA athletes and coaches consistently make us proud, embodying RBA values in their practice. While growing each year, the RBA cheer teams exemplify true character and dedication beyond CCS-America’s campuses.

Great job to all athletes and coaches! View pictures from their weekend in Orlando at the link below.


Kindergarteners Master the Alphabet 

Throughout the school year, kindergarten students have met the Letterland characters, learning the sound, shape, and spelling of each letter. By using Letterland songs and strategies, kindergarteners have now covered all 44 sounds in the English language and their major recurring spelling patterns!

To mark this achievement, kindergarten students put on the annual Letterland Parade at each CCS-America campus. Dressed as their favorite Letterland characters, they paraded through campus to celebrate mastering the alphabet, cheered on by the rest of the school.

Congratulations, kindergarten students!