Classical Curriculum Highlight: Cursive 

A core element of Classical Charter Schools of America’s curriculum is the teaching of cursive: the style of writing in which all of a word’s letters are connected. Students begin learning to write in cursive in 2nd grade, and by the time students reach 4th grade, they are expected to only write in cursive. There are numerous benefits to writing in cursive, most notably that it has been shown to increase reading skills and information retention.

In January, CCS-America holds its annual Handwriting Competition, where all students showcase their best writing! 1st place winners and honorable mentions will receive cash prizes, and classrooms that display overall handwriting excellence will receive door medallions. Start practicing now!

Research on Cursive

Safety Continues as the Number One Priority

Mr. Ed Carter, a law enforcement expert and parent of a CCS-Southport 6th grader in her 7th year at the school, will serve on North Carolina’s Center for Safer Schools (CFSS) new Parent Engagement Committee. This committee will focus on elevating parent voices in safety within the state’s schools. 

Read about his experience and intention with the safety committee here!

Veterans Day Program 

On Thursday, November 9th, each CCS-America campus had its own Veterans Day Program honoring those who protect us and our freedom. Thank you to the music teachers who led our students in patriotic songs, and thank you, parents, for joining us. Check out the performances below!





Our School Pledge

CCS-America students and staff start each day reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the School Pledge. 

Our School Pledge focuses on prioritizing health, truth, and virtue. At the beginning of the school year, students start Character Education class with a deep dive into the importance of the Pledge. Then, each month, students learn about a character trait and connect it to the Pledge to further that understanding and meaning.

We encourage each parent and guardian to discuss the tenets of the Pledge with their students and how you both can apply the Pledge to life and goals!

See the School Pledge Here