Alumni Spotlight

The 2023-2024 school year marks a new milestone for Classical Charter Schools of America as nine CCS-A alumni return to three of our campuses to teach! Their students undoubtedly will benefit from the unique perspectives and first-hand experiences the former students bring to the classroom.

Their success stories also may serve as a vital motivator for students, showing that a CCS-America education leads to achievement.

We are honored to have these nine former students return to teach. We know they have a deep commitment to our schools and our students, and we hope you will join us in welcoming them back to campus!

Learn more about our Staff Alumni here!

Classical Curriculum Highlight: History

CCS-America students begin a detailed History curriculum in 1st grade. Students memorize the names, dates, places, and general events with a heavy emphasis on geographic knowledge. In each grade level, literature, art, music, and drama exercises also correspond with the historical period of study.

Our Classical Curriculum follows a four year, repetitive pattern where students receive each cycle twice.

Why Dress for Success?

Throughout the school year, students will have optional Dress for Success days. These voluntary “dress up” days add formality to school celebrations, presentations, or any day a student chooses to look his or her best.

Teaching students to dress for success lays a crucial foundation for their future endeavors. It shows students the importance of presentation and how looking your best leads to life-long respect, self-respect, and confidence.

Uniforms give our students a common purpose, unity, and togetherness. Dress for Success days take that a little further, and encourage students to get into a habit that will significantly impact their performance and attitude throughout life!

Dress for Success Letter and Approved Clothing