A Thriving Learning Environment

In CCS-America classrooms, you will find structure and order, where instructional time is maximized, and disruptions are held to a minimum. Here are a few things we do in our classrooms to keep students thriving:

  • Each classroom has a clear set of rules and expectations for acceptable conduct.
  • Our student character-development program uses incentive rewards to encourage good behavior. These behaviors are reinforced on a ratio of 4:1 positive-to-negative interactions.
  • Students requiring additional help receive individualized behavioral guidance tailored to meet their specific needs.

Our schools strive to increase the effectiveness of everyone, and by using modern technology and verified scientific educational research, our students continue to thrive.

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Why Thaddeus Lott Lane?

If you have been to our CCS-Leland campus, you may have noticed that the first turn to The Roger Bacon Academy corporate office is on Thaddeus Lott Lane. This road is dedicated to Dr. Thaddeus Lott who pioneered the Direct Instruction educational model used by RBA and its four CCS-America schools.

In 1975, Dr. Lott became the Principal of a Houston elementary school where only 18% of third graders could read on grade level. By 1980, Dr. Lott had increased that number to 85%, which then climbed to 100% in 1996. Parents from neighboring communities wanted the same educational outcome for their children, so they petitioned the Houston school board to allow Dr. Lott to take over three additional schools in the area. This was granted, and they created the first charter school district in Texas.

RBA founder Baker Mitchell was so impressed by Dr. Lott’s approach to education, that he came out of retirement in 1998 to replicate Lott’s model in North Carolina. Dr. Lott improved the lives of thousands of children in Houston, and although he passed away in 2015, his legacy continues with current and past CCS-America students. 

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School Safety

Last week, RBA staff members attended the 2023 RISE Back to School Safety Summit put on by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI). This training covered common issues found in school settings and focused on how to support students through difficult situations.

RBA Social Worker, Mrs. Boyce attended the Summit and says, “Having the opportunity to attend the RISE Back to School Safety Summit has provided me with tools I am excited to share with our staff, so we can best support our students and our families here at Classical Charter Schools of America.”

Staff members attended a range of sessions covering emergency management, crisis response and recovery, systems of support in the school climate, and more.

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