Electives Spotlight: Life Skills

Classical Charter Schools of America offers numerous electives for middle school students. Electives provide educational opportunities that allow students to learn skills, work together, and sometimes even compete. Two electives offered are Life Skills I & II that focus on providing students with the tools needed to succeed.

In Life Skills I, students learn the necessary skills for everyday living. This course emphasizes goal setting, decision making, problem solving, communication, healthy lifestyles and relationships, sewing, nutrition, personal safety, citizenship, and consumerism. After students complete Life Skills I, they are eligible to sign up for Life Skills II where they continue to build on these skills.

Each year, Middle School students participate in at least two electives to allow students to explore their interests. For a list of current CCS-America electives, see the link below.

Elective Descriptions


Handwriting Contest Winners 

Congratulations to CCS-America’s 2023 Handwriting Contest winners, honorable mentions, and classes that displayed overall handwriting excellence! Winners and honorable mentions will receive a cash prize, and classes with overall handwriting excellence will receive a door medallion.

The classes with overall handwriting excellence are: 


The winners and honorable mentions can be found at the links below. Great job to all CCS-America students for their continuous hard work!






Staff Spotlight

Classical Charter Schools of America is proud to share that Mrs. Katy Bannerman, CCS-Leland’s 8th Grade English Language Arts teacher, has been selected to serve on the North Carolina Council on the Holocaust. 

The North Carolina Council on the Holocaust works with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction to curate resources and develop curriculum content and professional development.

“The Holocaust is and always has been a part of History that I am passionate about. Not only from the perspective of an educator that believes it is so very important for students to learn and understand the significance of the Holocaust, but also as someone with Jewish heritage. My mother’s family is Jewish, and I am proud to be a descendant of this ancient lineage. While I am not a member of the faith, their stories of courage and fortitude during such a dark time in their history must live on in the hearts and minds of all students,” Mrs. Bannerman says.

She continues, “Our school’s focus on character brings an even deeper and more special focus on this time period in History. We instruct and encourage our students to be healthy in spirit, morally straight, truthful, virtuous, courageous, hope for a better future, and to have charity towards their neighbors.

“By participating in this Council, I hope to bring both my personal passions and experiences in our classical curriculum environments for the benefit of this new Holocaust curriculum and students all over North Carolina. I am especially grateful to Dean Lopez for sharing this opportunity, everyone at RBA, and CCS-Leland for mentoring, training, and encouraging me as an educator so that I get to participate in opportunities like this,” Mrs. Bannerman adds.

Congratulations to Mrs. Bannerman on this opportunity, and we can’t wait to see everything she accomplishes on the Council!