Headmaster Spotlight

It is National Principals Month! Meet the Headmaster and Assistant Headmaster at CCS-Leland, the Headmaster at CCS-Wilmington, and CCS-America’s Lead Administrator at the link below!

Link to YouTube Playlist

Stay tuned for the next Newsletter to meet the rest of our amazing Administrative team!




CCS-Southport Students Look Forward to New Auditorium

The Southport auditorium is three months away from completion! Students recently had the opportunity to learn about the construction process, ask questions, and share what they are most excited about. The Roger Bacon Academy’s Project Manager, Ashley Lindbert, reviewed the construction process and the additional steps necessary to complete the auditorium. This allowed students to get close up and learn about what they have seen transpire from afar. Seventh-grade student, Chapel Crabtree stated, “I’m excited about everything in the building! Everything in it is about fun and exercise, which I’m very fond of.” Hunter Williams, also a seventh-grade student, added, “I am excited about the stage because I love performing and dancing! We haven’t had the chance to do a lot of that yet so this auditorium brings all new opportunities for us!”






Charter Champion

The Roger Bacon Academy sends thanks to Senator Bill Rabon for being a strong supporter of charter schools! Senator Rabon was part of the groundbreaking for Classical Charter Schools of Southport in 2015, has spoken at graduations, and recognized the then 6-time National Champion RBA Cheerleading Squads at the State Capital in 2016. He recently won a most deserved Charter Champion Award and continues to be an important part of Classical Charter Schools of America!