Archery: On Target for Life

Did you know that CCS-America offers our students the opportunity to shoot target archery in school? Since 2010, our schools have competed in the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), which has put bows in the hands of over 18 million students nationwide! Target archery improves students’ educational performance by enhancing their focus and concentration, leading to noticeable improvements in attention and behavior. Many NASP schools also find that their archery programs build confidence and self-esteem, and help students become more connected with their school. In the 12 years we have participated, we have captured eight state championships, two second place finishes, and countless CCS-America students have been recognized as top shooter in their grade, and even top in the state! Stay tuned for more CCS-America archery information throughout the year!






Students of the Month

Character education is an important part of the CCS-America curriculum. Each month, students are recognized for displaying a specific character trait that they are not only learning and practicing, but also recite daily in our Pledge. August’s character trait was Responsibility. Students who are responsible take ownership of their thoughts, words, and actions. Responsibility is seen in the Pledge as “I Pledge to keep myself healthy in body, mind, and spirit.” Students apply these words to their everyday lives by taking care of themselves, doing their best, and fulfilling their duties. Congratulations to all of these students who demonstrated exemplary responsibility. Check them out on the links below!







Staff Spotlight

Meet CCS-Leland 8th Grade Teacher, Ms. Katy Bannerman!